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Mira NEW!

Hello, sexy. My name is Mira and even though I might look like your average girl next door, trust me, there’s so much more underneath.

About Me

I’m a 23-year-old student from Koblenz. Currently, I’m working on my degree and have big plans for the future. Now that my studies are almost over, I want to enjoy my life more and meet new people. Even though I’m new to Capsai, I do have a lot of previous experience.

I’m pretty spontaneous and adventurous and love to try out new things. As a Scorpio, I’m extremely passionate and independent. Also, I love showering my partners with attention but I enjoy it when they do the same for me. If you book me, you’ll see what a firecracker I can be.

My Appearance

I have soft, dark blonde hair that I believe compliments my green and gray eyes. I’m 173 cm tall, and my dress size is 36 to 38. When I go out, I like dressing in elegant and chic clothes that show off my body.

Also, my cup size is a natural 75D and I love wearing sexy lingerie to make my curves stand out. I also like wearing high heels and stockings, and I enjoy putting on a little lingerie show for my partners.

Get to Know Me Better

I love going out to clubs or restaurants and my favorite drinks are champagne and Rosè. When it comes to food, I’m not too choosy but there are a couple of Asian and Italian restaurants here in Koblenz that I just adore.

My favorite scent is the Prada Candy Florale because it’s flirty and sexy. What’s more, the two flowers I love the most are peonies and lilies.

Also, I’m fluent in German and English, and enjoy listening to others and sharing life experiences. However, my personal favorite topics are sports, literature, and travel. Since I often travel, I also love hearing other people’s experiences and recommendations.

If you’re visiting Koblenz for the first time, you can call me to show you around. Depending on what you like, I can take you to a nice restaurant or a romantic café. On the other hand, we can skip all of that and go straight to your room for some dessert.

What I Do

As you can see from my profile, I’m pretty adventurous, and there are only a few things I wouldn’t try. For example, if you’re up for some outdoor fun or want to meet in your office, I’m completely open to that.

I also took pole dancing lessons a few years back, and I love to show off my skills whenever I get the chance. When I’m with my partner, I’m always passionate and I kiss like I mean it. If you book me, you’ll discover just how much I have to offer.

Where I Work

As I said, I’m working in Koblenz right now but I’m open to traveling to other cities. In fact, you can book me everywhere in Germany. Even if you don’t live in any of the cities I’ve listed, but you want to get to know me better, book me, and we can work out a plan together.

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