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CAPSAI ESCORT OKTOBERFEST SPECIAL – Book 12 hours, enjoy 15 hours!

For the Oktoberfest the ladies of the Capsai Escort have a very special treat for you. If you book one of our ladies for at least 12 hours and to visit the Oktoberfest, we will give you another 3 hours with your exciting companion. Of course, your lady will appear in style for the Oktoberfest, in a pretty Dirndl.

The Oktoberfest is one of the most beautiful, largest and most visited festivals in the world. So it is also an event that you should not miss. Best in the company of one of our escort ladies, who of course will stylishly dress in an erotic Dirndl to ensure that you will not forget this evening again. But what can you do at the Oktoberfest?

Of course, the beer tent is classic. Here you can meet like-minded people, drink a measure of beer and talk. But be careful before getting up, because someone should always keep an eye on the free place because otherwise one stands fast without a place. Fortunately, thanks to your Capsai Escort Lady, this problem does not arise for you.

Of course, you can also have fun in other ways. With the high-class escort, you can dare to ride the so-called devil’s wheel together or you can be cheered on by your escort from the Capsai Escort audience if you yourself try to leave the place as a winner.

If one wants to see the Oktoberfest from above, one can dare to climb the steps of the St.-Paul-Kirche and enjoy a fabulous view – especially in clear weather – that even lets one catch a glimpse of the Alps in good visibility. With the Escort Lady, you can not only watch the events from a certain distance but also spend a nice time together, which you won’t forget. The romantic touch should not be missing at the Oktoberfest.

If your stomach growls, you might go with your escort lady to the Wirtshaus zum Schichtl and enjoy Bavarian specialities. It is especially recommendable if one has not yet dealt with the Bavarian cuisine, but would like to get to know it. The more so as this inn has existed at the Oktoberfest since 1866 so that it is a true classic and must almost be visited.

But you can also just walk around the Wiesn in a classic way and hold hands or tell each other something. The point around which everything should revolve is the erotic accompaniment and yourself. This celebration is a place of meeting and celebrating together, but at the sight of your company in the erotic Dirndl, one forgets this with pleasure once. It doesn’t matter which festival or place you are at.

Useful tips for the Oktoberfest can save the mood and mood that you would otherwise let spoil if you didn’t know what was going on. On the website, you can find very useful advice for your own visit to the party with the Capsai Escort Lady.

An overview of the tents and the possibility to reserve a place can be found at

We at Team Capsai wish you an unforgettable visit to the Oktoberfest, of course, best accompanied by one of our ladies.